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cngr indonesia's north morowali industrial base holds labor day recognition ceremony -尊龙凯时人生就博官网登录

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  ahead of the international labor day, cngr indonesia's north morowali industrial base held a prestigious labor model recognition ceremony with the theme "labor creates value, unity achieves the future." the event was not only a recognition of the hardworking employees but also a tribute to the collective spirit of solidarity and joint struggle.

on april 30,senior vice presidents from cngr,including the president of indonesia region,liao hengxing,and the general manager of north morowali industrial base,chen hailei,along with other company leaders and base staff,gathered with over 200 people.the venue was decorated with indonesian cultural elements,creating a festive a"labor day"thematic video played,cngr indonesia employees expressed their blessings and enthusiasm for the holiday.
  in his speech,liao hengxing emphasized the crucial role of employees in the company's development and expressed his anticipation for the full-scale operation of the north morowali project.he mentioned that the success of the enterprise relies on the hard work of every employee and promised to unwaveringly pursue localization development,providing more development opportunities for indonesian employees.
  chen hailei,the general manager of the north morowali industrial base,reviewed the development journey of the base over the past year in his speech and expressed his respect and gratitude to the recognized labor models.he encouraged all employees to continue upholding the spirit of dedication to their work and strive towards the goal of building cngr's most influential overseas industrial base under the guidance of the"new four modernizations"strategy.
  during the recognition ceremony,20 labor models took the stage to receive their honors,including several outstanding indonesian employees.representatives of chinese labor models,wang jun,and indonesian labor models,demli,shared their work experiences and feelings on the stage.following the recognition,colleagues from the base's equipment department presented a captivating indonesian traditional dance,earning rounds of applause from the audience.

  the climax of the ceremony came when leaders personally served indonesian specialty cuisine,turmeric rice,to the awarded employees,expressing their gratitude for their contributions to the company.this heartwarming scene not only strengthened the friendship between chinese and indonesian employees but also demonstrated the company's care and respect for its staff.

  the successful holding of this recognition ceremony not only demonstrated cngr's emphasis on and respect for local culture during its internationalization journey but also further promoted cultural integration between china and also strengthened the confidence and determination of employees from both countries to unite and create great achievements,injecting strong momentum into the company's future development.

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